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My Accomplishments

Carmen Montano is a Councilwoman in the City of Milpitas. Carmen was re-elected to the City Council in 2018. She was the former Vice Mayor from 2014-2016. Prior to being elected to the city council, she served for 8 years as a school board trustee for the Milpitas Unified School District. She is also a credentialed K-12 teacher.
She has received several Awards throughout her public service. They include:

  • The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Good Neighbor” award
  • The Knights of Columbus “Milpitas Citizen of the Year” award
  • The Hispanic Development Corp. “Portraits of Success” award
  • Assemblyman Kansen Chu State Assembly "Heroes" Award

Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Formed two Family Resource Centers in priority areas of the city.
  • In 1992 she co-founded the Sunnyhills Improvement Association.
  • She was instrumental in giving crossing guards a raise, which they hadn’t had in over ten years.
  • She had the city reduce the nonprofit "Food Pantry" rent from $1,700 a month to $1.00 a month which serves the most vulnerable.
  • Created an Arts Ordinance  which required Developers to include art in their final projects. 
  • Successfully had the city repave streets in Sunnyhills, a neglected neighborhood, that hadn’t been paved on over thirty years.

Now, Carmen is running for the District 25 State Assembly in 2020. Carmen uses sound judgement  in her decisions when forming policy. She always strives to weigh the scales of fairness to do the right thing for the community.